PLEASE NOTE: Our next meeting will be on August 12 at 7 pm. Please note that there is not a two week gap between meetings as we are rescheduling our times to maximize member participation.
I am very happy to share again that our next meeting will have Mark Drager ( as speaker. Mark has led an extraordinary life and built a multi-billion dollar marketing agency from nothing.
Mark Drager is the type that is never at ease and content with how things are. In large part this stems from a childhood history of bullying by a bitter, alcoholic step-father with mental issues. It took many years to accept this past and only after leaving the home at 16 years of age. His experience as a child led to his purpose in life which is to help people crush the fear and doubt that keeps them from building an extraordinary life.
Today, Mark is a father of four amazing kids with his high school sweetheart whom he has been with for 20 years. He founded his marketing agency Phanta (currently leading as Founding Principal) and has over the past 14 years grown it from nothing to the multi-million dollar business it is today.
Mark has helped launch startups and transformed international brands and yet still wakes up every morning with the feeling that he has something to prove. You can listen to him twice a week share his insights and opinions on his podcast “Something to Prove” with co-host Evan Carmichael.