Immediate Past President of the Toronto Twilight Rotary Club offers his thoughts on what was a Rotary year like no other.
On behalf of our club and all the initiatives we heled support, Thank You Andrew for your steady leadership through this trying year! was quite a different one.
As I took on Board positions starting as Service Director during Mary’s Presidency, I knew I wanted to take on the role of President in the coming years, having resettled in Toronto. Of course, even at the start of my time of Vice-President/President elect and undergoing President Elect Training, a fully online remote year was not something that was expected.
Although not planned for, I think we did well throughout the second and third wave’s of COVID. Those who could make it to meetings regularly attended and made up more than a quarter of members which I was happy to see. I think perhaps what I am proud of most in terms of club dynamics and fellowship was our informal discussions before meetings and sometimes during meetings, about how each of use was faring during this crisis.
Perhaps because jumping onto a video call is easier than in person, we were able to have a fairly steady stream of interesting speakers that engaged the club and shared important insights into their fields of work. The highlight for me, however, was what we managed to accomplish during lockdown for the family we supported through Holiday Helpers. Through a joint effort involving all members in the club, we pulled together to provide everything and more on the wish list of a family in need. Giving them an extra special Christmas. The thank you letter the family returned to us that was shared with the club several times says it all. They could not have imagined people with this kind of generosity and the
difference we made in their life during this challenging time will surely be remembered for a lifetime.
This past Rotary year will be memorable to me as it was my year as President, but also with that much more so because of the asterisk that it was the COVID year. I hope that with COVID becoming endemic, this Rotary year under Aby Bueno will see us define what our new normal will be.