Toronto Twilight Rotary Club participated in the Terry Fox Run with a goal of raising $500. We are only $25 away! Please click the link to help us reach our goal!
Some highlights from the run:
President Andrew: For the Virtual Terry Fox Run this year, their 40th Anniversary, I decided to go for a long walk around my neighborhood. The weather was nice, although a little chilly, and the walk was an enjoyable break from my usual weekend chores. Although I participated individually, it was good to know many others were taking part including five others from the club. Perhaps next year I will participate with a jog rather than walk even though it's just participating that counts. 
CJ and HaakonCJ and his partner Haakon decided to change it up and participate in this year's Terry Fox run by cycling. With so much of Toronto's waterfront closed to motor vehicles and cycling encouraged, they were able to do a total of 20km. Stopping at Cherry Beach part way through wasn't planned, but it added 2km of walking to their cycling total.
Nick and friendsHaving just moved to Guelph, Nick was anxious to get out and explore the running trails the town had to offer. He ran 10 km in 1 hour and six minutes which is a much slower pace than last year (Quarantine shape is a thing and he's in it!). He also, as in years passed, got a few of his mates out to support the event by running anywhere from 2km to 10km.