A big shout out goes to President-elect Andrew Milroy who demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills in the preparation of this event. I the end,, we raised $543 for Shelterbox! What turned out to be a rousing success, our tenth anniversary party was filled with memories of a decade’s worth of achievements mixed with excitement for the future. Just to call out a few – there was talk of a possible quarterly legacy members meetup and a podcast detailing the history of our club with former president
I should start by saying that this Thank You does not go out to just the attendees and ticket buyers of the Twilight 10th anniversary party which helped raise $543 towards Shelterbox. This thank you goes out to everyone who has ever walked for foundation or people with AIDS, ran for Terry fox, planted a tree, danced at a gala, sorted for Good Shepherd, wrapped for Holiday Helpers, cooked for Fort York Food Bank, cleaned up a park, participated in a meeting, served at a Ribfest, became a board member, attended a conference, donated to foundation and polio, became a Paul Harris (and a Paul Harris +1), celebrated at the end of the year, had fun at the Ex, and on, and on, and on; all while proudly displaying the Rotary Club of Toronto Twilight banner.
Thank you to our founders, our supporters, our members (current and legacy), our partners, and our friends. It is through all of us that we have been able to keep a Rotary Club based almost entirely on grassroots fundraising and community themed projects moving forward as we leave the 2010s behind. It is an incredible privilege to have worked with so many amazing people over the last few years and to continue to hold the mantle of those that came before. The tireless efforts of our members continues to nothing but inspirational.
Circling back, a big Thank You to those who bought tickets to our 10th Anniversary Party help at the Uptown Pub on February 22nd.  Your support and your presence was much appreciated and we hope you enjoyed yourself if you were able to attend. Of the 11 presidents, 8 were scheduled to attend including the first two and the last two showing the dedication we’ve seen within the club over the last decade. Each attending president was able to speak about their year and what they took away from it, including immediate past-resident Mary who optioned to focus on the bright future ahead for the club’s current members. We were also pleased to be joined by Virginia O’Reilly who talked about getting us across the charter goal line and all-time treasure Jackzon Tan who used the opportunity to talk about the importance of setting up your automatic foundation contributions online.
A final big thank you goes out to Andrew Milroy and Tess Widdifield who organized the event. Their goal was to keep cost low, keep service to a minimum, and allow for everyone to sit back and enjoy the event. You two were amazing in the preparation. This night was successful because of you.